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Upgrades & Accessories

The DN78 Phantom Valve desktop analogue DJ mixer featuring two input channels, high-grade phono, line pre-amps and two stereo USB channels (up to 32bit/384kHz). It uses high quality rotary faders, a rotary cross-fader and has a three band Isolator EQ on the output. It has the amazing warm sound valves have to offer on the output stage, giving a unique punch, depth and space to the sound. It also features analogue VU meters, a mono mic channel, stereo effects send and return, twin balanced outputs and a mini jack record output. This mixer is all hand built in the UK. The result is a machine that sounds superb and stands out from the crowd...

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SC78 -Features: 24bit 192kHz *audio with twin valve output stages.   New shock proof unbreakable mini valves from the 60’s. Guaranteed**  Long valve life with around 3-5 years of operation before changing.*** Audiophile grade USB interface found in the world best DACs. 4 Channels of high quality playback. Great for Ableton/Traktor/Dex/DJ Pro High quality Burr Brown converters with 112db SNR & Dynamic range. Ultra Low noise/distortion pre-amps @0.001% with 22dBu headroom. Audiophile grade Jantzen output capacitors. High channel separation @135db giving superb spacial imagery. Powerful HiFi headphone amp with 480 mw into 32 ohm, with select switch. Twin analogue VU meters, showing output level. Twin mini-jack aux input to use the valves stage as a pre-amp. Convenient portable 1U half rack case. * 24bit @ 192K for PC & Mac, higher sample rates available for the Mac ** Valve guaranteed against breakage, from accidental dropping ***Based on regular usage of 2-3 hours per day, 3-5 days per week. Read more

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  • Audiophile discrete edition DN78, with 2 x discrete phono pre-amps, discrete output stage, new Jantzen Audiophile capacitors – £1780 + VAT

  • Discrete audiophile phono pre-amps – Discrete design giving a warm natural sound with good tonal balance with audiophile capacitors – £120 for two.

  • Discrete output stage, using discrete pre-amps giving a bigger sound, at high output with no distortion.  – £90

  • Cross-fader bypass switch – Push the cross-fader to bypass – £20

  • Swept High pass filter – Single control that sits under the gains, from 10Hz to 400Hz – £40 each channel.

  • 19″ rack kit – 2 x 19″ rack ears to rack mount the mixer.

  • New Jantzen Audiophile capacitor upgrade – £90


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We already use high grade audio capacitors by WIMA® & Vishay Roederstein® which are used in all of our EQ filter circuits and between all audio stages in the mixer. Its important to have good quality ones to ensure the audio passes from each stage with as little change as possible. It will also give all EQ circuits clarity, definition and a real smoothness overall. Allot of other mixer use very standard basic capacitors which colour the sound and looses all of its space and clarity, resulting in a average acceptable sound quality. The capacitors we offer will give that extra bit of spatial depth, clarity and bass definition.  They are used in the valve, Isolator and output stages.

superstereo 02

Our Phono Stages are designed to a high standard as found in some of the best pre-amps and far superior to most mixers, so the phono stage upgrades go that extra mile and  consist of improved filter capacitors for the RIAA EQ, special JFET op-amps for greater definition and improved output capacitors.

superstereo valve 09

Once again the valve we already use is a superb sounding valve by Raytheon®, which is found in some of the best pre-amps and DAC’s in the world. It gives the sound real depth, space and warm common in valve pre-amps.  The upgrade we offer is a rare valve by GE 1960’s, 5670 Gold Audiophile probably the best sounding audio valve of its type. It does really add that bit extra special something. Its superbly defined with real spatial clarity and depth as well as giving the bass a real controlled solid warmth.

superstereo 10

We currently use the famous Alps ‘Blue Velvet’ potentiometers for channel faders and output stage. They are great quality sound accurate and have a great touch. The TKD faders are again used in some of the best audio equipment in the world and give a very precise control over the sound and are superbly built and won’t go wrong.  Again they give that bit extra in sound quality.

superstereo 08

The upgrade here is using one of the latest high-end specialist audio op-amps available. It will give a ultra low noise higher gain output and will easily drive any load. Our output stage is already good and will drive a 600ohm load with no problem as will the upgraded one.


superstereo 12

We can add a simple set of slide switch to the bottom of the mixer that will switch the Phono Stage sensitivity so you can use high-end moving coil cartridges with you DN78 mixer. The Line/Phono switches will be unaffected.

superstereo 11

Add more control to your effects send , simply switches each channel separately to the effects send control instead of the whole mix.


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Whether transporting your gear through the unforgiving Amazon jungle or across the planet’s most punishing terrain, every detail of NANUK protective cases has been refined and perfected to offer the utmost in protection and performance. From our high-impact NK-7 resin to our PowerClaw latches, NANUK transportable equipment and instrument cases have been engineered and manufactured to stringent military specifications to surpass the needs of the most demanding users. These virtually indestructible, lightweight, watertight cases offer the ultimate grade of protection in a variety of sizes..

superstereo 04

The knobs are very special,  they are a retro style used in the 2nd WW radio military transmitters, they are manufactured in Japan and the set bring 21 knobs 16mm, 27mm, 33mm to provide an accurate level control. RoHS Compliance.

What´s New?

  • New updated power supply which runs cooler and sounds better.
  • New Studio quality audio converters in the sound-card using latest Hyperstream technology at up to 384kHz.
  • Improved windows and mac drivers.
  • Upgraded Mic amp with new duo XLR/Jack socket.
  • Upgraded headphone socket, effects send and return sockets.
  • New Neutrik gold Phono connectors and XLR sockets.
  • New ground lift switch to solve any grounding or earth loops issues.
  • More accurate custom VU meters with a higher output monitoring.
  • Improved headphone monitoring circuitry.
  • Improved panel anodising to give a longer lasting more scratch resistant finish and clearer legends.
  • Improved high quality hand finished solid walnut side panels.
  • Mini Jack record out socket as standard.
  • New Valve bypass switch.
  • New updated higher quality internal wiring connectors for greater life and reliability.
  • Upgraded packaging to ensure it arrives in perfect condition.
  • 1 year standard parts and labour warranty.