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The DN78 Phantom Valve desktop analogue DJ mixer featuring two input channels, high-grade phono, line pre-amps and two stereo USB channels (up to 32bit/384kHz). It uses high quality rotary faders, a rotary cross-fader and has a three band Isolator EQ on the output. It has the amazing warm sound valves have to offer on the output stage, giving a unique punch, depth and space to the sound. It also features analogue VU meters, a mono mic channel, stereo effects send and return, twin balanced outputs and a mini jack record output. This mixer is all hand built in the UK. The result is a machine that sounds superb and stands out from the crowd...

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Geeks Corner…

Geeks Corner…

How we make our mixers to sound so good… At SuperStereo we focus on every aspect of the audio signal from the input to the output, to ensure the audio chain is kept sounding great from start to finish. Firstly we only use the best quality gold plated audio connectors from Neutrik, which give the most reliable connections which lasts for years. The gold plating gives the best electrical connection and never corrodes. These are then soldered into our high quality boards using silver based solder. We then use 99.9% OFC cables inside the mixer, with gold plated terminals using locking plugs and sockets to ensure they never come loose.

Our circuit boards are high quality double sided fibreglass, with electro gold plated contacts throughout, to ensure the most reliable, longest lasting solder joints. These are all hand assembled in the UK and soldered with the latest techniques, using lead free solder. Our boards are all tested to the highest standards.

The circuit designs are based on the best audiophile design techniques using only the finest components, 1% metal film resistors, only film based capacitors used in the audio chain from the best manufactures such as Wima, Vishay Rodenstein, Mundorf and JFX. We use mainly 1% and 2.5% accuracy capacitors on all our filters and eq’s, using parts tested and renowned for their audio quality’s. High accuracy parts ensure the filters and eq’s sound their best. We also use JFET/FET/BiFET op-amps throughout from Burr Brown and National. No cheap noisy ones. Most DJ mixers use cheap electrolytic and ceramic capacitors in the audio chain, carbon or less accurate metal resistors, cheap standard op-amps all on thin single sided PCBs.

The result is that they all sound the same, lacking depth, clarity and space. 
We also use a separate power supply with a spike and noise filter to keep all the noisy parts away from the audio chain. We use a super symmetrical and accurate power supply only using the best long life Nichicon capacitors, known for their great sound. It also has a comprehensive protection circuitry to protect the mixer against accidents, faulty cables, bad mains supplies and drink spills. 
Our valve circuitry uses a special lower plate voltage supply which is both safer and gives the valve a much longer life of around 10,000 hours. We use new valves from the 50’s & 60’s, no cheap Chinese copies. These are used in high end studio equipment such as Manley’s compressors. They are also very rugged and can withstand shocks of 600g, i.e. unbreakable. These are used in very reliable gold plated and ceramic sockets.

We silver plate the pins of our valves at our workshops for best conductivity. We also use a valve ring to reduce micro-phonics and improved frequency response. 
Our 4 channel sound card is based around the amazing Amanero USB interface, found in some of the best Audiophile DAC’s. This ensures all the digital information arrives and is decoded perfectly, before reaching our twin DACs. We use the latest superb sounding Burr Brown converters, with superb signal to noise and dynamic range of 112 db and ultra low noise. This gives our sound card the sound of the best market leading converters. 
The potentiometers we use are Alps or TT electronic, known for their audio qualities. We also use TKD faders in our Audiophile version, as used in the best audio equipment in the World. They have a super accurate left/right tracking using the latest conductive polymer tracking, which both sounds great and lasts over 5 x longer than standard carbon ones, without crackling.

We also use conductive polymer/plastic tracked potentiometers in our Isolators, crossfaders and master volumes for these superb properties. All of our pots are chosen for their smooth and positive feel. 
Our custom VU meters are designed to give an accurate reading of the higher output, using a mixed PPM & VU scale up to +9db, with clip LEDs coming on at +10db. 
Finally our balanced outputs use dedicated stages using the latest designs to give the best sounding output which accurately portrays our valve sound, without distortion. These are capable of driving lines over 100m long without loss of quality. 
The case is made from brushed aluminium panels on a solid steel chassis with hand finished solid walnut or cherry wood side panels. Its designed to run all night and day in the most punishing environments, from hot damp nightclubs to a cold wet field at a festival.
 The result is a stunning sounding and looking mixer which should last for years.