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info@superstereo.co.uk / Customer Service +44 02080888878 / +44 02080888404


The DN78 Phantom Valve desktop analogue DJ mixer featuring two input channels, high-grade phono, line pre-amps and two stereo USB channels (up to 32bit/384kHz). It uses high quality rotary faders, a rotary cross-fader and has a three band Isolator EQ on the output. It has the amazing warm sound valves have to offer on the output stage, giving a unique punch, depth and space to the sound. It also features analogue VU meters, a mono mic channel, stereo effects send and return, twin balanced outputs and a mini jack record output. This mixer is all hand built in the UK. The result is a machine that sounds superb and stands out from the crowd...

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How can I order a DN78 Phantom Valve Series?

We are currently dealing with a high volume of orders and each mixer is hand-made. This means it takes between 4 to 6 weeks to build a mixer.  If you want to place an order please go to the home page and pre-order one. Please refer to our terms and conditions.
Things to take in consideration:

  •  The position your order is with respect to others,
  •  Stock availability of parts,
  •  How far from the UK you are.

What about a 4-channel’s version?

A DN78 4-channel version will be ready for pre-order by mid 2016.

Is there an FX send/return per channel in the master?

Yes, if you’ve requested this option during customization of the DN78 Phantom Valve.

Cue master blend?


What if I open my mixer?

SuperStereo.co.uk has no responsibility for the misuse of the equipment. (Please read the instruction before operating the unit) 

Does SuperStereo.co.uk ship to all Europe and other places?

Yes. This may be subject to extra charges.

Can the unit been modified such as sends, more channels and change the positions of the knobs?

No. The current product is not structurally modifiable, however, we can change some of the inner circuitry to suit different needs. Best thing to do is contact us and we will run it past the technical team at duncan@superstereo.co.uk

How long it take to deliver the unit?

Order Now For Delivery Within 10 Days…

Does the VU Meters indicate the master level output?

Yes, the VU meters indicate the master level output.

Can SuperStereo change the design or layout of the control panel?


Is the Voltage of our mixers switchable?

Yes. 240v and 120v

Is the shipping insured?

Yes, the shipping is insured for the price of the unit.

When I get a tracking number?

UPS or Parcelforce will collect your mixer from our workshop and they’ll generate a tracking number in the next 48hrs after the mixer is ready and non outstanding balance left.

Which payment methods we use?

We use Credit or debit card payment point “Paymentsense”, Bank transfer and PayPal (We will charge extra if you decide to pay via PayPal)

Any flight-case available for the mixer?

Yes, we offer a basic but nice SuperStereo’s flight-case completely FREE, Please have a look to our cases:  Spider / Padded / Aluminium here.

Are the mixers made to order?


How do I modify my shipping address after an order has been placed?

Please contact us as soon as possible and give us the new shipping address details at least 7 days before we dispatch the mixer.

How long it will take to build a DN78 Phantom Valve Series?

It is a process that requires a lot of accuracy and we do not let any mixer leave until it is 100%. Therefore, we estimate 4-6 weeks from payment completion of deposit.


Can a customer visit SuperStereo to try our mixer?

Yes, customers can visit us to try our mixers. Feel free to contact us to make an appointment! Alternatively, we will be showcasing it at Westend DJ in central London starting from Mid February 2016 so look out for updates.

How long does the valve last?

Around 8000 to 12000 hours or around 3 to 8 years depending on use. All valves are designed to withsatnd shocks of 600g, very easy to install.